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          Product name Uracil
          English name Uracil
          Alias 2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione
          CAS RN 66-22-8
          Molecular formula C4H4N2O2
          Molecular weight 112.09
          EINECS No. 200-621-9
          Structural formula
          Technical index of Pharmaceutical Intermediates Uracil
          Item Quality index
          Property White or off-white crystalline powder
          Loss on drying /(%)≤ 0.5
          Residue on ignition /(%)≤ 0.1
          Identification The retention time of the main peak of the test solution should be consistent with
          the retention time of the main peak of the reference solution (± 2.5%)
          Chloride/(%)≤ 0.01
          Sulfate /(%)≤ 0.04
          Heavy metal /(ppm)≤ 10
          Purity /(%)≥ 99.0
          Melting point >300℃
          Uses Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate
          Package The inner package is a PE bag, and the outer package is a cardboard drum or a package according to customer requirements.
          Transportation Transportation tools must be clean and dry. During transportation, they should be protected from rain, Moisture , and sun, and should not be mixed with toxic, harmful, corrosive, and other pollutants. During storage and transportation, they should be handled with care. Throwing and bumping are strictly prohibited.
          Storage and transportation This product should be stored tightly closed. Store in a ventilated and dry warehouse, avoid direct sunlight.

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